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Arts After School Program

Description of the Art Forms


Music: Exploring different musical styles and genres using many instruments such as percussion, strings, etc.  Focusing on rhythms as well as vocal technique.  


Art: Exploring different art styles using different medias such as painting, drawing, etc.  Students will learn about artists and use their techniques throughout their own projects.  


Dance: Exploring different styles of dance such as ballet, jazz and musical theatre dance. Focusing on using our creative imaginations while also learning choreography and stage presence. 

Foreign Language: Exploring the fundamentals of the Spanish Language. 

Theatre: Exploring the art of theatrical productions, including rehearsals, staging, costuming, front/back of house duties, as well as all technical aspects of producing a full scale production.  Session concludes with a full scale performance.  

Daily Schedule

3:45-4 - Snack

                    (snack needs to be provided

4-4:45 - First Class   

4:45-5:30 - Second Class 

*Class Offerings: Music, Theatre, Foreign Language, Dance, and Art 

5:30 - Pick up @ 630 Crowley Rd Farmington


$25 per day

September 11th - December 11th 2018

January 8th  - June 4th 2019

Fall Session = $350

Winter/Spring Session = $500

Payments can be made in two installments.

NEW Transportation:

Transportation is available from Victor Schools Only. For Transportation you will need to write a note to school saying that your child will need to take the Elephant Bus to Lorene Benson at 630 Crowley Rd Farmington

Program Staff

Vanessa Goodwin (Program Director/Dance Instructor)

Lorene Benson (Dance Instructor)

Sarah Andreacchi (Dance Instructor)

Helana Brasley (Foreign Language/Music Instructor)

Candice Finster (Art/Creative Writing)


Arts After School Curriculum


This art based after school program on Tuesdays will allow your child to creatively express themselves and unwind in a fun and educational way! In each class the children will learn many areas of the art form and engage with hands on exploration of each discipline. Fall Session runs from September 11th - December 11th, Winter/Spring Session runs from January 8th - June 4th.  We will be following the Victor School Schedule for holidays and closings. Presentation at the end of the of both sessions.  

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