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Sculpture Garden 

Benji Carr, local metal sculpture artist, His current piece for Cobblestone Arts Center is a true embodiment of strength, grace, and unity. Carr has aptly named it “The Denizen” (otherwise known as an inhabitant). Carr defines a “denizen” and his piece as “Resilient, stalwart, and ubiquitous”. He goes on to describe the essence of dandelion: “Present whether we like them or not. Many will classify them as a weed, while the more sensitive recognize it’s our place in organic fabric. Flora, fauna, and human life deserve an existence. All life is important.” This 16 foot tall dandelion graces the front of Cobblestone for all to admire.



Cobblestone is excited to welcome this beautiful structure that will uplift and inspire so many. Their mission to bring art to a rural community is made possible in part by the generosity of supporters. They invite you to join in keeping art alive and accessible to all.


Donations to this Sculpture Garden is greatly appreciated and made easily by clicking the donate button below

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