Community Center 

Cobblestone Arts Centers philosophy has always been wanting to bring the arts to the community.  We have seen a need and have been envisioning bringing a community center to the area.  We want to create an inclusionary space which will consist of a pool, gym/track, workout facility, and library.  Everything in this community center will include adaptive equipment including an inclusionary playground.  This 9,000 square foot building of community space will be open to adults and children of all ages and abilities.  The space will be able to offer classes for music, dance, theater, and visual arts; as well as bringing other art forms to the center such as martial arts, sewing classes, etc.  

Purchase A Tile in the Lobby

Purchase a tile. Send your 8x8 artwork in a JPEG format to that you wish to have on display and we will have it transferred into a tile.  The tile will be on display in our community center lobby.



Donation of your choice 

Want to help and make a donation of your choice?  Click to donate and your name and/or business will be added to a plaque on display in our lobby of the community center. 


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