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"Watercolors" Gallery

October 27th to December 4th, 2022

Gallery Opening

October 27th from 5-7pm   

Tommy Beers

 I attended John Fisher College in Rochester and flunked out my first year while supposedly studying accounting of all things. Long story short, I was allowed to return, I assume on probation, but switched major to Fine Arts at Nazareth College. I did fine in school after that.I've made my living as a carpenter, electrician since leaving school and only recently (7 years) have I been able to rededicate myself to the art of watercolor painting. I'm pretty much self taught in this arena. I love to bike and many of the pieces in this exhibit are from cross country trips where I would carry my painting gear, tent, food and clothing and camp along the way. There were marvelous experiences and interchanges with people all along the routes. Many of the pieces here will have some story attached to them so ask me about it if interested. I am glad to share. All of the work labeled as "Roadside Attractions" hails from routes traversed on bicycle. I've made a lot of the frames shown here from walnut trees that were removed from our yard so my dear wife could expand the garden. What else? I find beauty in many places and hope to share my sense of wonder and awe with others. If I can capture some light through the leaves or grasses and make someone smile because of that, I feel I've accomplished what I set out to do.

Thanks, Tommy

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