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 "Homage to Spring - Birds, Bunnies, Butterflies and Bugs"

April 14th to May 29th, 2022

Gallery Opening

Thursday, April 14th from 5-7pm   

Lin Kilgore

I was born in Rochester and attended Nazareth College receiving a B.S. in 1974 and a M.S. in Art Education 1979. 

I spent thirty years teaching in both the Victor and Fairport Districts, a career that I truly loved.
My artwork is a whimsical and sometimes realistic view of nature and the beauty seen in its flora and fauna. 

Favorite subjects include hares, bunnies, gardens, flowers and birds. 

A recent trip to the Delft Pottery in the Netherlands has influenced my recent work in the patterns and the pallet colors I

am currently using giving it an Olde World feel.  I love to use a variety of media in my work including colored pencil,

alcohol inks, acrylic pens & wood panels.  Using new techniques and media challenges my skills and helps

me to further develop my knowledge of their limits.

The past couple of years my work has included a series of thirteen bird and flower studies that were used to raise monies for donation to the Pluta Cancer Center.  In addition to this most of my time was used to design and paint a large

mural for Schutt’s Apple Mill  during the Summer of 2021.

I love sharing my work with you and am honored to be included in the Show celebrating Spring, hope and rebirth.



Barb Harris

“I must have flowers, always and always” –Monet

For me as an artist there can never be too many flowers or too much color! Both are immensely inspirational to me in the creative process. I love abundant, saturated color, especially when combined with blossoms from my garden or the wildflowers found in meadows,

woods or on the side of the road. And then there are the birds and butterflies, no blossom would be complete without one

of these companions. Nature is both beautiful and fascinating!

My creative journey began many years ago and with the gift of an oil painting set it seemed as though my path was laid out but there

were many twists and turns along the way. I absorbed all the art I could manage through high school and beyond but there came a point when I knew I needed to dedicate myself more fully. I returned to Nazareth College, completed my art education degree and embarked

on a teaching career after many years in retail sales. Students and their enthusiasm raised inspiration to a whole new level.

Once I retired, I knew it was time to return to painting, and here I am!

I have always loved watercolors and continue to work with them but more recently I have begun to dabble and explore a bit more in acrylics. My current work is a culmination of these explorations. Intuitive painting is part of the process along with stamping, collaging, stenciling and basic child like fun with paint! It is an ever-evolving exploration and learning process, one that I am happy to have found!



Peter Blackwood

Combining his love of the outdoors with a lifetime of learning photography has made Peter Blackwood a skilled artisan portraying the natural world. Born in upstate NY to parents who photographed both professionally and casually, Peter learned darkroom skills by the age of ten and has worked extensively in both black and white and color photography.

With frequent forays via foot and kayak locally and into New York's wilderness, the environments of the Finger Lakes and the Adirondack Mountains are depicted intimately and on a grand scale. Trips to Florida and the American West have added variety to locales photographed. Landscapes and flora and fauna come to life in the images which capture those fleeting moment of beauty in nature.

Representing all four season creates an interesting perspective of this photographer's work, as he photographs year-round.

Images are captured using Canon digital cameras and lenses, and prints are made using Epson pigment based ink for longevity and Moab printing paper for beauty.

This Canandaigua photographic artist is pleased to be able to share his images of the natural world

Other images may be viewed at


James Goldammer

The meaning of my photographs are hard to put into words but rather eternalized in these frames speaking on my behalf in the natural spirit of the world. I first started chasing this spirit with a camera in the late 1970s, as I left home hitchhiking out to the west coast encountering the pure bliss of America’s National Parks. As Ansel Adams once stated you don’t take a picture you make a picture.


In the years that followed, I returned to Michigan to attend the formalities of life. Living on Lake Michigan I came to discover what each seasonal change can bring to an image as in the lighthouses a symbolic object captured in its time. Now over 40 years into taking pictures I am still learning and challenging myself. Over the last few years I have captured the indisputable beauty of the East coast and the magnificent lighthouses and the historic covered bridges stuck in time. The image out in the Atlantic Ocean of the whales who instinctively were making their journey is something I will never forget.


I have found fortune in what we have so close to home-Letchworth, Watkins Glen and the beautiful Finger Lakes. We are all fortunate for the infinite number of pictures we can take with modern technology and my two young granddaughters will contest to that.


I am glad you get a glimpse into my journey through photography, thank you.