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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Staff and Students Experience an Onsite Escape Room

This past spring's curriculum theme was LET THE GAMES BEGIN. The staff and students had the chance to participate in an Escape Room put together by staff members Jacob Brown and Dana McLaughlin. The Escape Room was a great opportunity for everyone to participate in something fun and collaborative.

“The idea for the Escape Room came about during our Let the Games Begin theme. We watched several entertaining videos on famous celebrities trying to make their way out in time and our artists were fascinated!” says theater teacher Jacob Brown. “Learning how each puzzle worked helped inspire us to create our own versions. The best part is that these puzzles were based around our artists and knowing their interests was the key!”

The Escape Room was a ton of fun for everyone involved! Once it was all set up, the staff was divided into teams and took turns trying to escape as fast as they could. It was a blast, and at the end of it all, everyone got an award that highlighted their skills. Some of them were written in a hilarious way, which just made the experience that much better.

Our Escape Room Golden Star Awards:


Keepin’ it Prompt

For trying to keep the team going and get the best time

Carol (holding Sarah's award!)

Cross Examiner

For being inquisitive about the details of the puzzle


Many Hats

Taking on multiple roles without issue



For leaving us hangin’



Thanks for jumping in and solving puzzles


Not a T9er

Great at everything… except texting.


Avid Reader

Taking charge of reading the comm log.


Super Solver

for getting into the action and solving as much as possible


Best in Spirit

Being a great supporter of the escape room idea.


I’m tapping out

For going above and beyond… to assist with a serious issue outside of the escape room


Keepin’ it Cool

Staying calm under puzzling pressure


Welcome to the Jumble

For rocking the jumbled puzzles


Artistic Agent

Excelling at solving the artsy puzzles


Helping Hand

For assisting the teams

A big shout-out to our creators of the Escape Room: Jacob and Dana!

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