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Mitchell tried a few different programs and found that DWOW was the best fit for him. He loves going to new places and enjoys music of all kinds and acting. Putting on a show is Mitchell’s favorite activity at Cobblestone. The “Shows” bring out the best in him. He enjoys singing at various retirement homes and loves fishing on the farm. The DWOW program is always changing what they do and where they go. They may go out to lunch and practice their money skills or go to the library and use the computers there. 


    Cobblestone offers many different classes outside of their regular program. Mitchell took part in several Best Foot Forward plays and loved that experience. He was usually the only special needs child in that performance. He has been in several Community Theater Productions and most recently participated in Boundless Abilities. Every performance he has felt part of the “team” and included and valued by all that participate. The staff that run each production help each individual in the best way they need to be assisted that in turn lets them be as independent as possible. Some students need to read their lines, some need them started by their helper and then they can finish on their own or some just need a bit of reassurance. It is a beautiful thing to see the kids that are usually in the ensemble finally being the starts of the show!


Over the past 2 years our son has had a few struggles adjusting at Cobblestone. It is a challenging transition for all graduating High School students. Mitchell has grown in so many ways. He is more flexible with change when plans get changed and his vocabulary has increased and he is more able to deal with many different people through out his day.  Last summer we took a trip to Colorado and we had a very long day of travel. This normally would have been very stressful for Mitch. He took it all in stride and had a wonderful vacation trying new adventures and eating out at many new restaurants with ease. We owe so much to Cobblestone for all they do everyday. They help our young adults become more independent and at ease in our community.” — Heidi Vahue


“Our autistic son, Gerry, has attended the Cobblestone Celebrate the Arts Dayhab Program for over eight years and it has been a life-changing experience for him and our whole family. This unique program allows each individual with disabilities to express themselves through exposure to all types of art and to participate in public performances several times a year. Gerry has gained self-confidence, artistic ability, communication skills, self-expression, long-lasting friendships and more from this program. Our family members and family members of other participants have commented on his growth and development through his years in the program.


When we were first considering dayhab programs for Gerry after he had aged out of traditional educational opportunities, we looked at several programs in ours and neighboring counties. Most of these programs were sheltered workshops or work based programs which are very successful for many individuals but not exactly what we were looking for, for Gerry. Fortunately our pediatrician suggested the Cobblestone Arts Center. Upon visiting we were immediately drawn to the arts focus. Gerry has always been interested in music and responded very well to music therapy during his school years, and loved singing and dancing. He had also attended a week-long drama camp for individuals with disabilities in Ohio that was very successful for him. We enrolled him in the program and it has become a very important part of his daily routine and he has grown in so many ways and had so many great experiences that we could not be happier with this program. Most importantly Gerry loves it!


The talented, creative, caring staff at Cobblestone Celebrate the Arts Dayhab Program contributes greatly to the success and appeal of this program. They understand and support the interests, abilities, strengths and needs of each individual according to their disability and personality. This enables them to provide experiences that help the participants to learn and grow. Many of the staff members are experienced and talented artists, dancers, musicians, and actors themselves who perform with and for the participants. Using a thematic approach they teach them art techniques of famous artists, choreographed dances, original skits, film and acting techniques, yoga, zumba, vocal music techniques, creative writing, interpersonal communication techniques, computer skills and much more. The performances are amazing demonstrations of these techniques and extremely entertaining to watch as they include and involve everyone in some way. It is heartwarming to see the pride of the performers in being part of a quality production. They also display their artistic creations at performances and often offer handmade projects for sale.


Since Gerry has been attending the program they have added a new theater space and gallery which is utilized for all types of performances, events, and displays by professional artists as well as the participants. This provides even more opportunities for the participants to learn from these positive role models and to be involved in preparing for these events as well as providing quality entertainment. This program has positively impacted my son as well as many of the other participants. It is great to see the progress of individuals from one performance to the next. Cobblestone Celebrate the Arts Dayhab Program is a fantastic program for all ages of adults with disabilities. We are so fortunate to be able to send our son to this program and would highly recommend it to any perspective participants and support its inclusion in any funding opportunities that would enable it to continue and others to benefit as well.” — Julie Kurtz

“As a single mom, I thank everyone at Cobblestone for all of the work that they do. I did not know what would become of Chrissy until we found Cobblestone. She tells everyone how she loves Art, Music and Dance. Chrissy also tells everyone that all staff and the bus drivers are her friends. She has learned everything she knows from Cobblestone.  Simple everyday activities outside, she would never be able to do all of that but because of Cobblestone, she can. Same with her skills with money, conversations. It is all because of Cobblestone. Lunch outings make Chrissy so happy and have taught her how to act appropriately while out in the Community. I want to say Thank you for all of the hard work everyone does and cares so much for Chrissy and every other student that attends Cobblestone.” — Rose Sosa

“We wanted to thank you so very much for giving Nicholas the opportunity to play various musical instruments, like the Maracas and drums, as well as singing and dancing. We were so thrilled to see on Nick’s notes over the past few days that he has learned African dance and that his Music Teacher, Emily Kilkenny took the time to sing with Nick and discover that he has good pitch. We knew that, but no one has ever taken the time  to encourage Nick to try. We are so happy and proud and Nick was beaming with pride and his accomplishments. Please keep up the fantastic work! We have been encouraging Nick to show you all what he can do and that if he does show you, the door will open for him to do more cool and fun things. Thank you! I always say you are all like “Angels on Earth.” — Michael Turco

“When I started looking for a Dayhab program from our daughter Katie, the first place I visited was clean, the staff were nice but the men and women just sat in the same room all day. They never left. I went to visit Cobblestone and after my tour and talking to staff, I went to my car and called our Service Coordinator in the Cobblestone parking lot and told her we had to get Katie into Cobblestone. I loved the atmosphere of the whole program. Katie needed to be there because of the stimulating and active programs that she needed and would love. Katie could not sit in a room all day long and be happy. Katie needs to be in and see activity. Cobblestone has an Art room, Music room, a Movement room and a state of the art Theater. The men and women who attend Cobblestone work on different Art projects, Musical numbers, and movement activities every three to four months for their performance. The staff and students perform together at the end of the theme. Katie just had her two year anniversary and after every play I leave with tears of joy seeing how happy Katie is up on the stage performing  with a loving, caring and dedicated staff. We are blessed to have such a program in Rochester  that is dedicated to all individuals with special needs. It is truly a very special program.” — Marybeth Speicher

"My son has been attending the Cobblestone Arts Center Day Hab Without Walls for approximately 4 years.  When we enrolled him in the program, we felt like it was the perfect fit for him to be because of his long held love of musical theater.  It is a pleasure to know that we have been proven correct. Jake has had varied experiences and opportunities and we have seen continued growth in his interests and willingness to participate.  He greatly enjoys spending time with the staff and his colleagues.  Despite a long bus ride, our son often lets us know that he wouldn't want to spend his time anyplace else" - Pat Webster

Our son Adam has Cerebral Palsy presenting with physical and mild intellectual challenges. Over the years he has tried a number of vocational and day programs without success. We discovered Cobblestone seven years ago. Adam loves the program and staff. He is self motivated to attend everyday. Thank you Cobblestone! - John and Barbara Beca

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