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Our Mission & Vision

It is our unique mission to use the Arts as the common denominator in our vastly diverse community, to let Art be that unspoken language of the heart that breaks through prejudices and stereotypes, that nurtures the soul and brings every member of the community together to appreciate each other's gifts. ​
Cobblestone Arts and Educational Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the community for all ages and abilities through Art, Education, and Participation. Our classes in Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts, Public Speaking, and Media Studies are aimed to help students achieve a higher potential while developing a sense of involvement in the community.

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The Cobblestone Arts Center is a non-profit 501c3 and was founded in 1983 to bring the visual and performing arts to the rural community.  All ages and abilities have always been welcome. Cobblestone wheelchair dance company, Wheels In Motion, began in 1986 and gave inspiration to form an all day arts classes for adults with disabilities. Through music, dance, visual arts, and theatre these cobblestone students gain a great sense of value and accomplishment connecting with each other and the community.  We are proud to bring all the arts to the community, a unique after school program, and a new theatre space for the whole area to enjoy live performances.  

Our Team

Board of Directors

Madelaine Baader, President

Jessica Edler, Vice President

Jan Veomett, Secretary

Adam Bull, Treasurer

Aaron Outlaw-White

Diane Sandberg

Gaetan Wyman

Shaun Speicher

Kim Voss

Corporate Compliance Plan

Helpful Information




1622 Route 332 Farmington, NY 14425

Phone: 585-398-0220

Fax: 585-398-0072


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