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Dayhabilitation Program

Celebrating the Arts Day Program

Our "Celebrating the Arts" Program is a full day of classes in Music, Dance, Visual Arts, and Theatre. Classes run from 9am to 2pm, Monday through Friday, all year long. Our participants in the program range from students transitioning out of high school to senior citizens. Previous themes have explored the history and Arts forms of the Greek Mythology, The Golden Era of Hollywood, Science in the Arts, Exploring the Sea, Rogers and Hammerstein, and more. The program is a NYS Medicaid Waivered Program.

Abstract Background



Our music classes focus on vocal instruction. Through reciting lyrics, working on pronunciation and memorizing songs, students work on diaphragmatic motor skills, emotional skills, communication skills, and cognitive skills.

Dance and Movement

We emphasize leadership through learning choreography and supporting one another. Dance enhances cognitive, emotional, and motor skills by incorporating yoga, ballet, ballroom, jazz, tap, and musical theatre techniques in classes.

Theater and Public Speaking

Students are involved in all aspects of theater productions throughout the year. They learn songs, dialogue, assist with making sets, costumes, and more. All shows are performed for friends, family, and the community.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts classes allow students to focus on their ow creative expression through various artistic mediums like painting, sculpture and drawing. Our visual arts classes have proven to be great in strengthening emotional skills, visual motor skills, and fine & gross motor skills.

Community Engagement through Performances and Educational Lectures

We pride ourselves on the developing of great relationships with community groups, artists and educators. These visitors lend their knowledge and talents to provide an enriching experience for our students and are also open to the public. Monthly Lunchtime Concerts and Lunchtime Lecture series open the doors to arts and culture for the whole community. Our Lunchtime Concerts feature a variety of musical performers, from soloists to full ensembles, and the Lunchtime Lectures offer talks on topics ranging from the arts, culture and general wellness.




1622 Route 332 Farmington, NY 14425

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