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Construction is Underway at Cobblestone Arts Center for a new 3400 Square Foot Addition

On Friday, April 21st, construction started at 1622 Route 332 in Farmington at the site of Cobblestone Arts Center. The planned addition of an extra 3,400 square feet will house three additional classrooms, two bathrooms and a larger multipurpose space to accommodate the growing visual and performing arts program. 

At this moment, the Center provides services for students with disabilities, space for community gatherings, teen work programs and a venue for artists and performers. The added space will allow more students to have classes in the visual and performing arts during the day and continue to give the community use for events and programs. 

Regarding the program, Executive Director Lorene Benson stated, “Students can’t wait to come here. What we do in this program is incredibly unique; it’s tremendously engaging and ultimately allows students to express themselves and communicate in new ways.” 

The most recent expansion happened in 2017 with an added theater space that can hold up to 150 patrons and has been a stage for performers such as the Rochester City Ballet, Mrs. Kasha Davis and the in-house theater group The Cobblestone Players. Prior to that addition, many other expansions have been made to the charming farmhouse that was the original structure. 

The new space will have large windows and overlook a pond, thanks to the attention-to-detail creativity of Dave Hanlon’s architectural work.

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